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Exportações do Brasil aos árabes cresceram 27% em julho

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[EVENT] Watch out Qatar! Saudia ambitious plans for leading Airline of the Gulf

Saudia short-medium expansion and consolidation plans

King Abdulaziz International Airport
3rd MAR 2025
In a event for the shareholders of the flag-carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Airlines CEO has proposed an ambitious expansion plan to consolidate the Airline's position in the gulf, and compete in the international long-haul market against the names of Qatar, Turkish and Emirates. The plan includes a fleet overhaul and modernization, together with a face-lift to the company's image and improvement of overall customer service.


Narrow Body
The current fleet of Saudia includes a short haul Airbus A320 fleet consisting of around 80 narrow-body aircraft. A large order has been placed for the renovation of this fleet, taking in advantage the long range capabilities of the A321LR to service low yield destinations in Africa, Asia and small European markets. The A320neo will remain the backbone of the fleet, with the A321neo operating more demanding routes.
Aircraft Estimated in Service C Y Total
A320neo 50 0 174 174
A321neo 25 0 216 216
A321neoLR 45 16 152 168
The Short-Medium haul fleet will feature a full economy cabin with the first 12 rows featuring Economy+ seats and being able to block rows for business class, offering modularity in terms of amount of business seats available, maximizing Load-Factors. The baseline seat for these aircrafts will be the RECARO BL3530 Economy Class, featuring comfortable, adjustable seats with USB/power sockets.
Short-medium haul service will depend on the destination, but will always offer an in-flight meal box. Morning flights will offer Ma’amoul, a Saudi delicacy. An assortment of complementary beverages will pass the aisle during the flight. Flights with destinations over 3h will offer a hot meal.
The A321neoLR will feature the same Y, Y+ and C seats, and service of the Long haul fleet, which will be explained next. The A321neoLR might also fill in the gap of cancelled short-haul flights.
The wide body fleet of Saudi is expected to be full Boeing by 2030. The older A330 currently in operation will be phased out be newer 787, while the current 777 and 747 fleet wil be replaced by the 777x. Both aircraft feature two variants the airline is interested, namely the 787-8/9 for variable range and payload and the all the variants of the 777x: the shorter 777-8 will be used in the longest routes and directly replaces the 777-200LR, the 777-9 will be used in most long-haul flights and the 777-10x will be used in saturated airports such as Heathrow, where the amount of slots is slim.
Aircraft Estimated in Service C Y Total Notes
787-8 25 22 232 254
787-9 40 26 240 266
777-8 15 36 247 283
777-9 50 46 281 327
777-10x 20 48 321 369
Business class will feature fully flat horizontal beds with direct aisle access in a 1-2-1 configuration with massage functions. The seats will be a new design based on RECARO CL6710, with added privacy. The cabin will feature single seats on the window sides, and the middle section suites can be converted into a quad room, allowing four passengers to face each other in a dining-room like set up. Additionally, select "couple" seat pairs in the middle section can be converted into a double bed, offering a product similar to what other airlines offer in First Class.
The economy cabin will be fitted with the RECARO CL3710 and are fitted in a 3-3-3 configuration. Each seat will have a 10.6 inch in seat TV monitor offering in-flight entertainment. The features will also extend to the possibility of Wi-Fi and GSM telephony usage and USB ports for connecting personal items such as digital cameras. All seats will feature a new Entertainment system with free Onboard Connectivity Wi-Fi, which allows passengers to send SMS and MMS, access email, and browse the internet.
Wines, Champagnes will be served on international routes, taking however into consideration religious festivities. Special meal options will be offered, in all classes, based on age, dietary restrictions, preference and religious observance. Special meals must be ordered in advance, at least 24 hours before the flight departure time. Halal meals, however, do not need to be booked as they are part of the normal meal.

On ground

Complimentary chauffeur driven airport transfers will be available to Business and First Class passengers in most cities. First and business class passengers, and frequent flyer members of Sky Team have access to lounges in all destinations. Saudia Flights leave and depart the new terminal in Jeddah, offering stress free connections and a fantastic experience on the ground with the luxurious terminal.
The airpline will depart from a point to point business model to a more Hub model using Jeddah as the main base. Focus cities will remain in Riyadh and Damman, with the introduction of NEOM when the airport has been completed. Hourly flights departing Jeddah to all major cities in the gulf will ensure rapid connections, and will be paired with complementary first class seats in the high speed rail network for those heading toward Mecca for example.


Destination Operated by Frequency
Kabul - OAKB A20N Daily
Algiers - DAAG A21N 2x Day
Luanda - FNLU B788 Daily
Buenos Aires - SAEZ B789 Daily
Perth - YPPH B789 Daily
Melbourne - YMML B778 Daily
Sydney - YSSY B778 Daily
Vienna - LOWW B779 Daily
Brussels - EBBR B779 Daily
Dhaka - VGHS B779 Daily
Rio - SBGL B779/B789 Daily
São Paulo - SBGR B779/B789 Daily
Phom Penh - VDPP B789 Daily
Toronto - CYYZ B789/B779 Daily
Santiago - SCEL B788 Daily
Beijing - ZBAA B779/B77X 2x Day
Guangzhou - ZGGG B778/B779 Daily
Shanghai - ZSPD B779/B789 2x Day
Zhengzhou - ZHCC B789 5x week
Comoros - FMCH A321LR 2x Day
Zagreb - LDZA A321LR Daily
Cyprus - LCLK A320 Daily
Prague - LKPR B788 Daily
Compenhagen - EKCH B789 Daily
Lyon - LFLL B789 Daily
Nice - LFMN B789 Daily
Paris - LFPG B779 2x Day
Dusseldorf - EDDL B789 Daily
Frankfurt - EDDF B779/B77X 2x Day
Hamburg - EDDH B789 Daily
Munich - EDDM B77X Daily
Athens - LGAV B789 Daily
Budapest - LHBP B788 Daily
Ahmedabad - VAAH B779 Daily
Bengaluru - VOBL B789 Daily
Chennai - VOMM B789 2x Day
Delhi - VIDP B77X 2x Day
Hyderabad - VOHS B779 Daily
Mumbai - VABB B77X 2x Day
Bali - WADD A321LR 2x Day
Jakarta - WIII B789 Daily
Dublin - EIDW B789 Daily
Milan - LIMC B779/B789 Daily
Rome - LIRF B779 Daily
Venice - LIPZ B789 Daily
Kansai - RJBB B789 Daily
Tokyo/Narita - RJAA B779 2x Day
Kuala Lumpur - WMKK B779 Daily
Mauritus - FIMP B788 Daily
Morocco - GMMN B789/B779 Daily
Amsterdam - EHAM B77X Daily
Lagos - DNMM B789 Daily
Oslo - ENGM B789 Daily
Islamabad - OPIS B779 2x Day
Karachi - OPKC B779 3x Day
Cebu - RPVM B788 5x Week
Manila - RPLL B789 Daily
Warsaw - EPWA B788 Daily
Lisbon - LPPT B779 Daily
Moscow - UUDD B779 Daily
Seychelles -FSIA B789 2x Day
Singapore - WSSS B77X 2x Day
Cape Town - FACT B779 Daily
Durban - FALE B789 Daily
Johannesburg - FAOR B779/B789 2x Day
Seoul - RKSI B779 Daily
Barcelona - LEBL B789 Daily
Madrid - LEMD B779 2x Day
Colombo - VCBI B789 Daily
Stockholm - ESSA B789 Daily
Geneva - LSGG B779 Daily
Zurich - LSZH B77X 2x Day
Taiwan - RCTP B779 Daily
Dar es Salaam - HTDA A321LR 2x Day
Bangkok - VTBS B779 Daily
Phuket - VTSP B788 Daily
Birmingham - EGBB B789 Daily
Manchester - EGCC B779 2x Day
Heathrow - EGLL B77X 2x Day
Boston - KBOS B779 Daily
Chicago - KORD B789 Daily
Dallas - KDFW B789 Daily
Huston - KIAH B788 Daily
Los Angeles - KLAX B779 Daily
New York - KJFK B779 Daily
San Francisco - KSFO B789 Daily
Washington - KIAD B789 Daily
Miami - KMIA B778 Daily
Hanoi - VVNB B779 Daily
Ho Chi Minh - VVTS B779 Daily
Abu Dhabi - OMAA A32N 4x Day
Dubai - OMDB A32N 7x Day
Entebbe - HUEN A321LR 2x Day
Istanbul - LTBA A21N 3x Day
Tunis - DTTA A32N 2x Day
Dakar - GOBD A321LR 2x Day
Sialkot - OPST A321LR 2x Day
Peshawar - OPPS A321LR 2x Day
Lahore - OPLA A21N 2x Day
Malta - LMML A21N Daily
Male - VRMM A321LR 2x Day
Kuwait - OKBK A32N 3x Day
Nairobi - HKJK A321LR 2x Day
Amman - OJAI A32N 4x Day
Abidjan - DIAP A321LR 2x Day
Cochin - VOCI A321LR 2x Day
Kolkata - VECC A321LR 2x Day
Thiruvananthapuram - VOTV A321LR Daily
Tehran - OIIE A32N Daily
Conakry - GUCY A321LR Daily
Baku - UBBB A321N Daily
Bahrain - OBBI A32N 3x Day
Cairo - HECA A321N 3x Day
Alexandria - HEBA A32N 2x Day
Addis Ababa - HAAB A321N 2x Day
Accra - DGAA B788 Daily
Baghdad - ORBI A32N 2x Day
Basrah - ORMM A32N Daily
Erbil - ORER A32N Daily
Beirut - OLBA A32N 2x Day
Tripoli - HLLT A32N 2x Day
Yangon - VYYY A321N Daily
Abuja - DNAA A32N 2x Day
Muscat - OOMS A32N 3x Day
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XANXANTEEYE (SOO SOCO SIRAADEEY) SOMALI HALAL MUSIC 2018 ... Hala Al Turk - Happy Happy #حلا_الترك - هابي هابي - YouTube Jagannath nkara so halal naam - YouTube Doja Cat - Say So (Audio) - YouTube Islamic Center in Brazil - English Video

FAMBRAS HALAL Facilities Services São Paulo, SP 1,528 followers Certificadora Halal Líder de Mercado, pioneira na implantação do Sistema Halal no Brasil, somos referência mundial. "Relevance" sorting ranks restaurants based on your search input and several criteria: average rating over the last 12 months, available offers, distance, ability to make a reservation instantly via TheFork, table availability, accolades in famous guides, and compliance with our standards (including the number of cancellations by the restaurant). Halal food is that which adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. The Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry, dhabiha, involves killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid ... Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Road #03-30D Singapore 449269 Contact: 6348 9679 Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily. View Map Fambras Halal, in São Paulo, has added two new categories: J, for transportation and storage facilities, allowing for certification of logistics and storage companies, and H, for distribution, allowing for certification of points of sale and supermarkets. As of May, the Gulf countries will introduce a new rule for halal product exports.

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Welcome to the official So Yummy YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fun food ideas, including last-minute recipes, holiday recipes, f... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hot Pink out now! https://smarturl.it/xHotPink Connect To Unlock Special “Say So” Content: https://smarturl.it/HowJuicyAreYou?IQid=yt Follow Doja Cat: https:... English subtitle many people asked me if it is hard to find halal food in Japan. So I talk about it in this video. What I used to make my video: 1. DJI O...